Our SPPI Liability product is designed to provide protection to Design Professionals such as Architects, Engineers, Construction Managers and contractors against claims that may arise from professional services provided by them in connection with a single construction project.

Coverage Highlights

This policy typically covers the entire project from design up to and beyond the final handover of the project to the owner. It covers claims by project owners and financiers.
  • Covered person: Any professional connected to a construction project. This also includes the EPC contractors if they are responsible for activities such as design, survey, project management, testing, commissioning, even if these activities are subcontracted to others.
  • Covered act: Any wrongful act in rendering, or failure to render professional services in connection with the construction project. This includes the conduct of any person for whom the insured is legally responsible.
  • Covered loss: Defence costs and amounts awarded by a court as damages or agreed to in a settlement.

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