As consumers become better aware of their rights, you’ll find your company vulnerable to lawsuits, whether you’re a manufacturer, trading company, exporter or retailer. Beyond protecting your business against litigation, our product can also help minimize your exposure to global product-completed operations liability regulations if you have operations abroad or have products sold/distributed abroad.

Coverage Highlights

Market specialization
  • Food and beverage (manufacturing, distribution, retailing)
  • Automotive components(manufacturing)
  • Industrial equipment (both light and heavy)
  • Services Industry (including banks, hotels, telecommunications)
  • Wholesale and retail of consumer goods
What it covers
  • Bodily Injury, Property Damages
  • Legal expenses
  • Consequential financial loss
  • Product recall expenses
  • Errors and Omissions coverage
  • Can be purchased on a stand-alone basis
  • Wide Chubb network of over 50 countries and territories, including USA and Canada
  • Availability of casualty risk engineering capabilities
  • Large capacity limit of up to US$50M

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